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3-10 February 2024


Founded in 2020, Lagos, Ljubljana, Santa Barbara
Temitayo Ogunbiyi (curator)
Born Rochester, USA (1984), lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria
Lisa Ann Parks
Born Missoula, USA (1967), lives and works in Santa Barbara, USA
Laila Shereen Sakr
Born Alexandrie, Egypte (1971), lives and works in Santa Barbara, USA
Miha Vipotnik
Born Ljubljana, Slovénie (1954), lives and works in Beirut, Lebanon and Ljubljana, Slovénie

Disassembling the Cloud(s) 2024
cookies, data, notebooks, prints, sounds, stickers, wood
Courtesy of the artists
The production of this work was supported by The Global Media Technologies and Cultures Lab (GMTaC), University of California Santa Barbara.
Commissioned by Lagos Biennial 2024

Artist’s statement

The DATA CENTERED COLLECTIVE presentation includes photographic mapping of the installation zone near the bleachers; sound files composed to evoke an acoustic refuge of transcontinental mechanic interactions and encounters; and graphic drawings and hand sketches of data centre components that will be used as colouring sheets for installation visitors to colour on, add to, trace, relax with, and learn from. In addition, the collective will be offering freshly baked cookies and will share recipes that articulate our tactic for approaching the data centre and digital software tracking techniques from an altogether different point of view.

DATA CENTERED COLLECTIVE’s work is included in REFUGE teams.