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3-10 February 2024

Chinenye Emelogu

Chinenye Emelogu, Human Hive 3 2024, Courtesy of the artist

Lives and works in Nigeria

Human Hive 3 2024
plastic, styrofoam
Courtesy of the artist

Artist’s statement

Human Hive 3 is a colourful sprawl of bale strips (plastic rings made of the strips used for packaging products in bales) depicting the unpredictable dynamics of social constructs in a pluralistic nation like Nigeria. My installation draws inspiration from the social patterns of bees in order to explore how these insects achieve the impressive social structures that have enthralled not just scientists but nature lovers over the years. It also examines how these hives can provide significant insight to the resolution of the Nigerian situation. These insects aptly portray features of an ideal or utopian society with their beehive constructions and their lifestyle.

Chinenye Emelogu’s work is included in Gregarious architectures.