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3-10 February 2024

Chioke l’Anson

Born Montgomery, USA (1979), lives and works in Richmond, USA

New art, old tools: how to use technology to become more original
2024: 1pm – 4pm

On Saturday 10 February Chioke l’Anson will lead a workshop about how tools shape art and media practices.


There are more creators now than there have ever been. Yet, much of what is made is indistinguishable. It’s just ‘content’. We all strive for uniqueness and quality, but many of us are forgetting a crucial part of the creative process. In order to be a unique voice, it is necessary to cultivate unique interaction. With other people, with other sources, and with the tools of creation. If you want to send a message, you can carry it on foot, mail it, or send it through your phone. Whatever you choose, there will be an effect on you and the receiver. The tools that we use change us. They alter our perception of time and culture. There are new tools now that we all use, but there are good reasons to work with old tools. Being a great artist is about tool selection, and it’s also about being able to notice the ways that tools change us. This is a talk about inspiration, art and technology. And podcasts, obviously.

Chioke I’Anson’s work is included in Worldmade communities.