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3-10 February 2024

Rabeeha Adnan

Rabeeha Adnan, A Word Fell Down 2024, photo credit: Rabeeha Adnan, Courtesy of the artist

Born Lahore, Pakistan (1998), lives and works in Richmond, USA

A Word Fell Down 2024
rubble (text-based site intervention)
Courtesy of the artist
Commissioned by Lagos Biennial 2024

Rabeeha Adnan views space through the lens of semiotics, considering each space as a distinct sign. The significance of a space unfolds in its connection to other objects and events within a given context. By employing text to create spatial interventions, the artist explores diverse strategies of spatial play and interruption. Their focus lies in what they term ‘choreographies of power ’in works that explore how language is encountered in private and public spaces and how such encounters shape hierarchical relationships through movement. Their site-specific intervention here extends from their text-based works and their relationship to the written word and poetry. Their works employ text fragments, both original and borrowed, with an emphasis on linguistic elements that convey power. An aspect of their intention is to disrupt the burgeoning hegemonic control over public spaces. Their work heightens the public’s awareness of the act of seeing and being seen.

Rabeeha Adnan’s work is included in CAPTCHA.