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3-10 February 2024

Tricky Walsh

Tricky Walsh, Hungerstein (details) 2024, photo credit: Tricky Walsh, Courtesy of the artist

Born Moe, Australia (1974), lives and works in New Norfolk, Australia

Hungerstein 2024
6 self-adhesive vinyl prints, embedded augmented reality
142cm x 100cm
Courtesy of the artist
Commissioned by Lagos Biennial 2024

Artist’s statement

Hungerstein is a speculative work which features a world plagued by the last great drought; one which exposes the last remaining inhabitants to a series of predictions which inform them that there is, in fact, no refuge. The work is presented in a series of posters which when viewed through an augmented reality app, activate into chapters of a narrated animation.

Tricky Walsh’s work is included in CAPTCHA.