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3-10 February 2024


Dear Visitor,

It is with immense pleasure and enthusiasm that I extend to you a heartfelt welcome on behalf of the Embassy of No Land. As the Ambassador, I am delighted to convey our sincere appreciation for your visit and the opportunity to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation between our Nations. Your presence is a testament to the enduring ties that exist between Your Country and No Land, and we are committed to fostering a relationship built on mutual respect and shared interests.

During your stay, we are dedicated to ensuring that you feel at home and that your interactions with our country are not only productive but also memorable. Our team at the Embassy is here to assist you in any way possible, whether it be in navigating official matters or exploring the rich cultural tapestry that our Nation has to offer. Should you require any assistance or information, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated staff. We are here to make your experience as pleasant and rewarding as possible.

Once again, welcome to No Land. May your time here be marked by fruitful discussions, cultural discoveries, and lasting connections.

Warm regards,
Ambassador of No Land


Welcome to the Embassy of No Land – All visitors are expected to observe the same high standard of probity and integrity. All visitors are required to observe a Code of Conduct during their stay in the Embassy of No Land, incorporating the following key principles: legality, impartiality, tranquillity, transparency, exemption, civility, responsibility and extreme ability to love. All visitors must adopt a moral and civic posture, as manifest in the Constitution of the Nation of No Land. All visitors must carry a valid identification card, whether members of political parties, media organs, religious entities, or civilians. All visitors must follow official protocols, respect queues and avoid taking any action without giving prior notice to the representatives of the Nation. All visitors should refrain from the use of indecorous language or actions which may lead or incite other visitors to commit acts of intimidation. All visitors must refrain from transmitting or posting messages of incitement to hatred and violence. All visitors must refrain from promoting campaigns of any kind within the Embassy of No Land. Visitors must not interfere in matters which concern the representatives of the Nation. All visitors should be aware of this Code of Conduct. Any doubts and omissions arising from the interpretation and application of this Code of Conduct are to be resolved by the representatives of the Nation and the forces of law and order.

“Electronic New Order Display: Code of Conduct” (2013) is part of The Nation Room – Embassy of No Land, a project by Paulo Moreira and Kiluanji Kia Henda, part of the exhibition The Real and Other Fictions, curated by Mariana Pestana, for Close, Closer, the third edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale.


Nestled in the realm of boundless imagination lies the ethereal landscape of No Land. A canvas of infinite possibilities, this surreal expanse serves as a blank slate awaiting the strokes of dreams and desires to shape its contours. The very essence of No Land is its formlessness, a fluidity that adapts to the whims of those who traverse its vastness.

In this boundless domain, hills and valleys shift in response to the aspirations of each visitor, mirroring the undulating landscapes of their dreams. Meadows of potentiality stretch as far as the eye can fathom, where the wildflowers of hope bloom in hues yet unseen. Rivers of creativity meander through the terrain, their currents influenced by the collective wishes of wanderers who come seeking a fresh start.

The skies above No Land are an ever-changing tapestry, painted by the collective imaginings of its inhabitants. Here, sunsets are crafted from the palette of shared aspirations, and constellations form narratives written by the collective stories of its transient denizens.

No Land is the embodiment of the uncharted possibilities that reside within us all. It beckons, inviting dreamers to step beyond the boundaries of reality and carve their own narratives upon its featureless expanse. It is a sanctuary of reinvention, a place where one’s imagination is the sole architect, and every horizon is a blank page ready to be inscribed with the tales of those who dare to dream. Welcome to the boundless embrace of No Land, where the landscape is as endless as the human imagination.


In the heart of No Land, a flag unfurls, a symbol as fluid and undefined as the landscape it represents. This emblem of boundless potential is a canvas of neutrality, draped in a spectrum of serene hues that transcend the confines of traditional symbolism. A flag without distinct marks, it embodies the universality of dreams and aspirations that know no geographic boundaries.

The canvas of this flag is an open invitation to interpretation, a tapestry of subtle gradients that shift in tandem with the ever-evolving desires of those who call No Land home. No emblem or insignia adorns this flag, allowing it to transcend cultural, political, and ideological affiliations. Instead, it flutters in the wind as a silent supporter of the collective human spirit—free from the constraints of defined symbols or predetermined meanings.

In the absence of borders, this flag becomes a unifying force, symbolizing the shared journey of those who navigate the uncharted territories of their aspirations. As it dances in the breeze, this flag embodies the universal language of hope, an emblem of a place where imagination knows no limits. Welcome to the symbol of No Land, where the flag is a blank slate, ready to be painted with the collective dreams of all who pass through.


Welcome to the liberating realm of No Land, where freedom knows no bounds, and exploration is unencumbered by paperwork. Our Free Visa application invites you to embark on a journey without the hassle of documents, restrictions, or bureaucratic hurdles.

Visa Type: Free Visa for Boundless Exploration

Eligibility Criteria: Everyone!

Application Process:

Visit our Imaginary Portal: Navigate to the ethereal website of No Land, the gateway to your dreams.
Dream Submission: Instead of tedious forms, share your dreams and aspirations. Describe the landscapes you wish to traverse, the stories you long to write, and the adventures you crave.
Passport of Imagination: No need for physical documents! Present your Passport of Imagination—an open mind ready to explore the uncharted territories of No Land.
Visa Approval: Your Free Visa to No Land will be approved swiftly, as there are no arbitrary restrictions. All dreamers are welcome!
Benefits of No Land Free Visa:

Unlimited Stay: Explore as long as your dreams desire.
Boundless Opportunities: Shape the landscape according to your imagination.
Visa Renewal: Automatic renewal as long as your dreams evolve.
Note: No Land encourages diversity, creativity, and the pursuit of happiness. Discrimination and borders have no place here.

Embark on your journey to No Land today, where the visa is as free as your imagination. Welcome to a world without boundaries!